FirstWave | Clinical Consultancy


To support our Clients

Our consultants act as the First Wave of experts that companies in Life Sciences need to successfully bring a product to market. Our unique service model is a proactive answer to the time-constraints companies face. By providing them with niche specialists in every branch of Life Sciences and Healthcare, we can help negate these limitations.

With our niche expertise in Clinical Consultancy

We offer flexible, high-level expertise by individual consultants or complete Clinical Research Teams, containing profiles provided by us and selected by the client on an insourced or outsourced basis. FirstWave consultants work on-site or off-site, always using the clients’ tools to operate in sync with the other team members.

Core Values

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The main driver of our company. We strive towards respects and openness about all aspects of our business.
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Is central to our culture. We’re able to offer a setting where the consultant evolves and thrives while offering their expertise to a wide range of clients.
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We aspire to create an environment where client satisfaction and consultant commitment meet.

Track Record

‘One of the fastest growing healthcare outsourcing companies in Belgium’

20+ Years of Clinical Consultancy Experience

Our team reflects our focus on in-depth industry experience. Our managing partners have over 20 years of relevant industry experience in recruitment and selection and spent the last 15 in Clinical Research Outsourcing. Throughout their careers our founders have demonstrated placements of over 350 consultants in various roles and managed over 1,500 project requests.

An extensive portfolio, served by an expert team

Boasting an extensive client portfolio and consultant network, FirstWave has built an expert team. Capable of assisting clients in every part of the development of their product, from Clinical to Regulatory and Medical Affairs support.

This has proven to be highly successful, not only in managing projects with a myriad of clients ranging from ‘Top 5’ pharmaceutical companies, but also in Medical Device start-ups and Biotechnology companies. We assist them in every part of the development of their product, from Clinical to Regulatory and Medical Affairs support.